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Milton P

Milton P. Limebacker III

Milton P. Limebacker III was a notorious business man who wanted Honey Castle for his own by any means necessary, but unfortunately the Chuckle Brothers got in his way


Mr Limebacker (played by Robert Ashe) only made one appearance which was in the episode Buzz Off.

He was a devious business from America who was determined to get his hands on a historical landmark called Honey Castle and turn it into a theme park called Bee World.

He bumps into Paul who despite the owner of the castle Mr. Hives' warnings, invites the business man in and shows him the reports, but because of Paul and his brother Barry's incompetence, things start to go very wrong and he finds himself in a lot of accidents, though he tries to hold his temper in, he eventually decided enough was enough:

  • Covered in a bucket of Honey.
  • Catapulted high in the air off the See-saw of Doom.
  • Shoved out of Mr. Hives' bedroom window.
  • Nearly trampled to death by a crowd being chased by a swarm of angry Bees.

He finally forces Mr. Hives to sign Honey Castle over to him and invites Paul and Barry to witness the deed to it. He tries to fire the two accident prone brothers, but Paul tells him that their job was guaranteed 12 months, was a totally binding contract and he had other plans for the castle.

This was well and truly the final straw for Mr. Limebacker who decides that he wants nothing more to do with the castle since Paul and Barry now want to work for him and wants to go back to America. While he is still in shock at the gate, he is hit by a pot of Honey that Mr. Hives gave the Chuckle Brothers as a reward for frightening him off. He picks up the pot and is suddenly chased by the same angry swarm of bees.