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The Chuckle Brothers start a cement company and have to fill in potholes in a couple's driveway.


Paul and Barry open up a cement company with rubbish cement, and they get their first customer, a man obsessed with his garden especially his prized marrow he is going to enter in a contest. The man and his wife want the brothers to fill in the potholes in the driveway.

Once they arrive in The ChuckMobile, Paul and Barry get started while the man and his wife go out shopping. Things start off bad as Barry gets stuck in the cement mixer, then Paul decides to dig out one of the potholes, Barry hits a water pipe so in order to dig up the ground quicker they get help from one of Dan The Van's diggers. On the digger Paul ends up destroying the flowerbeds and breaks down the garden fence, he eventually digs the ground and gets to the leaking pipe, Barry has to stick the pipes back together while Paul puts his feet up, he of course puts the pipes together wrong.

Paul continues to destroy the garden while Barry makes more cement, the two run out so Paul gets more from a mate of Dan's, they decide to get all the cement into the digger, Barry ends up destroying most of the man's prized garden then he breaks the shed. Barry finally gets the digger to collect the cement but the delivery man has dumped it all on Paul's shoes.

The two finally fill up the hole, they then batter it up and make a good job sadly they end up stepping on it, the garden is all destroyed but the marrow is in perfect condition. The two sit down for a cup of tea just as the man and his wife get back from shopping, the man is oviously not impressed but to top things off the water pipe starts leaking again, the man is extremly mad and in rage steps in his marrow destroying it, he then chases the two until off-screen.


  • This episode has a Saxophone version of "Chuckles Embark" composed by Dave Cooke. Most of the episode's soundtrack is Saxophone.