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Mission Implausible
14x08 Mission Implausible

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Written By

John Sayle

Guest Starring

Osei Kwame Bentil

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Part 8: Paul and Barry discover the final component is concealed on a medallion worn by the famous pop idol MCC Ugly. They follow him on his hectic schedule to retrieve it.


The episode opens with Paul telling Barry that a green orb, stored behind glass in a room, is a vital component of the machine, and so they need to acquire it. In the meanwhile, Paul and Barry take the microchip they retrieved in the previous episode, and place it in a safety deposit box box in a vault owned by Dan the Van. Whilst the brothers are leaving, they encounter a strange hooded monk going past them and into the vault. Paul invents a machine that is based off a grabber game, and uses Barry as a human grabber tool in order to get the green orb. Having successfully retrieved it, they place the orb in a different safety deposit box in the same vault. While the two are looking for the final component (the Moon Crystal), Barry spots the moon crystal on a medallion that is worn by the famous rapper MCC Ugly, and so the two resolve to visit MCC Ugly to get the crystal.

The two find MCC Ugly singing his song in the producing studio (owned by Dan the Van) before he takes a break. Paul and Barry introduce themselves to MCC Ugly, and Barry unintentionally reveals why he and Paul want the medallion. MCC Ugly agrees immediately, but invites them to have a cream cake with him first. Having eaten, MCC Ugly is about to hand the medallion to them, but stops to answer his phone. He then has to leave the studio in a hurry with his security guards, chased by screaming fans, and so has no chance to give the brothers the medallion. Paul and Barry then follow MCC Ugly to different places: first the press conference room, and then to a magazine shoot, but they fail on each occasion to get the medallion.

Paul and Barry sneak into the travel coach and Paul attempts to take the medallion whilst MCC Ugly is sleeping, but accidentally removes his toupee instead, resulting Paul and Barry to be thrown out of the coach. The two follow him to the theatre where MCC Ugly is performing live. Paul and Barry argue whose fault it is and who should apologise, causing the concert to be halted and the brothers to be expelled from the building. Paul then has an idea, and uses Barry with the machine he used earlier to take the medallion. Although Barry successfully grabs the medallion, he also pulls MCC Ugly up with him onto the roof. However, MCC Ugly agrees to give them the medallion, and even purchases two more of the same machine from Paul.

The duo return to the vault, and place the crystal in a third safety deposit box. Exiting the vault, they decide to go back in, to place the plans for Paul's machine in a safety deposit box. However, they return to the vault only to find the three boxes that the components had been stored in to be open and completely empty. Barry admits that they manage to hang on to a bad name.


  • The concert hall which the Chuckle Brothers are thrown out of is the Shepherd's Bush Empire.


  • When Paul and Barry are watching the concert, just before Paul yells "Rubbish", you can see a hand turning off the music system in front of him.