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The Chuckle Brothers help around a monastery.


Paul and Barry get invited to one of Dan The Van's fancy dress parties, the invitation requires the guests go as characters from Robin Hood. They both go as Friar Tuck and Friar "Chuck", much to Paul's dismay. On the way, they get lost and Paul suggests they follow a monk who they mistake as a fellow party guest. They follow him to a monastery, after they realise they've made a mistake they decide to stay around to help the monks with the pumpkin harvest.

At the pumpkin patch, they meet a monk named Brother Tranquility (or as he's usually know as No Slacking), who had a "bad experience in the outside world", obviously caused by encounters from Paul and Barry. They learn he must not talk as he will be forced to leave the monastery. They offer to help him ring the bell which turns into a disaster as Barry sends him rocketing through the roof. Tranquility then accidentally sprays the head monk with a watering hose. In the hall things get worse as Tranquility gets a pumpkin in the face from the brothers, which he then accidentally sticks on the head monk's head.

The chuckles then pick the biggest pumpkin from the patch as a way to apologise to the monastery for messing up. Of course they mess up and the pumpkin flies onto the head monk. As a substitute they fill an orange balloon with water and pass it off as a pumpkin, it all goes well until Tranquility sticks a pin on the "pumpkin". The shock causes him to scream, breaking his vow of silence, leading him and the brothers to be banished from the monastery. Tranquility begins to cry and the two try to cheer him up by inviting him to Dan's party. An angry Tranquility chases the two when Barry mentions pumpkin pie.


  • Final appearance of The Mill.
  • This is one of the rare times No Slacking doesn't use his famous catchphrase.
  • The Chuckles later visit a monastery again in Series 14's "The Men from the Monastery".