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David williams

Mr Hives in "Off The Cuff"

Mr Hives is a character in ChuckleVision, portrayed by David Williams.


He first appeared in "On The Trail" as a money collector who keeps following the Chuckles around when in fact he is a pirate.

He next appeared in "Romany Days" as a fortune teller in disguise, when he is a business man looking for the emperors underpants.

He next appeared in "My Lucky Numbers 9" as a chef with bad eye sight who mistaked a bingo machine for his new cooker.

He next appeared in "Monkery Business" as the head monk at a monastry, who the Chuckles think is dressed as Frier Tuck.

He next appeared in "Bats In The Belfry" as a vicar who has bats in his tower.

He next appeared in "Mayor Today Gone Tomorrow" as a mayor who hires the Chuckles to do jobs for him.

He next appeared in "Buzz Off" as Mr Hives, the owner of Honey Castle which is in Debt.

He next appeared in "Bookshop Chuckles" as the owner of a bookshop who also appears as King Arthur when they go back in time.

He next appeared in "Off The Cuff as a policeman who's phone keeps ringing and doesn't get to unlock the Chuckles handcuff.


Mr Hives is usually a wimpy guy and doesn't know what he is doing, he can get angry easily and especially when the Chuckles are around.