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Mrs. McCallister (portrayed by Leni Harper) is a recurring character in ChuckleVision.

She is an old lady and is usually Paul and Barry's customer.


Mrs McCalister as she appeared in ChuckleMart.


Her first appearance was in series 6's Mystery Tour as Paul and Barry's first customer for the tour.

She then appeared in Men In White Coats as a woman looking for her dog.

Her next appearance was in Headline News as McCallister, Paul and Barry spent the day with her to write down in there news paper.

She then appeared in Airport Assistance as Granny Grunt, a gold bullion smuggler.

She then appeared in ChuckleMart as one of Paul and Barry's customers who wins a trolley dash and ends up taking the shelves.

In series 7, she appeared in What's Cooking as Paul and Barry's customer who wants blancmange. They mishear her and make giant blancmange for hundreds (this was Leni's last appearance as McCallister).

In series 9, Leni appeared in Oh Dear, What Can The Mattress Be? as the manager's wife. The brothers deliver a bed to her.

Her final appearance was in series 12's No Pets Allowed where she played Mrs. Hepplewhite. The brothers spend the night at her hotel.


  • When Leni played Mrs McCalister, she wore a wig like Kate Copstick.
  • She mainly appeared in series 6 but she hasn't appeared much in later episodes.