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Barry has a lucky day with the number 9.


Paul and Barry are playing board games and Barry keeps winning with the number nine. Barry then tells him that the number nine is his lucky number today. They then go and play bingo where they meet famous entertainer Perry Champagne who is the host and Barry wins all the games. He then gets to pick a prize and takes the bingo machine instead. They go to a restaurant to celebrate and leave the bingo machine around the back in which the chef mistakes for his new cooker. They finish and go around the back to pick up their machine and find a cooker instead which Paul thinks is his special charm. They take it and head off and see a competition for Vindaloo Pickle in a shop window. Paul starts eating all the pickle to try and find the plastic chilli pepper. He eats through eight jars and Barry finds it in the ninth jar, Barry finds out he has won an electric poppadom maker and a life time supply of pickle, Paul has a very sore throat and then feels sick.

Paul and Barry stop at a record shop and the phone rings and Barry picks it up. It is Mr Champagne from the radio station giving him chance to win a competition. He gets the questions right because Paul shouts out record names. He then picks prize number nine and wins a food mixer and a free meal at the Cloud 9 restaurant. They go to the restuarant, and Mr. Champagne comes to deliver Barry's prize. He recognises him and Paul as the same people from earlier today. He sternly demands his bingo machine back, telling them that they weren't meant to take it in the first place. To make it up to him after losing it, Paul and Barry invite Mr. Champagne to join their celebration meal. The chef comes through and says he can't serve them because his cooker isn't working, and they go through and investigate. They find the bingo machine in its place and replace it with the proper one. They hand the machine back to Mr. Champagne and after a chat, Paul asks Barry what date it is today and Barry answers "It's the 9th" but Paul replies by saying "This paper says the 8th" and observes that the newspaper had yesterday's date on it so it hasn't been Barry's lucky day at all. Then, the chef's cooker blows up and Mr. Champagne's bingo machine breaks down as well. Both men are furious, and Paul and Barry quickly run out of the restaurant.


  • The jars of Vindaloo Pickle that Paul ate were actually jelly beans covered in chocolate sauce.
  • Sixth and final episode of Series 7 repeated on CBBC on Choice.