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The Chuckle Brothers become tour guides.


Paul tells Barry they are moving into the world of touring and suggests the name ChuckleTours for their company.

Their first customer is Mrs McCallister and they are taking her to Lord Cranbury's Stately Home. They take her out on a horse and cart but the horses won't go straight on and keep turning left. They get lost and end up back where they started to Paul suggests that he dresses up as Lord Cranbury and Barry blindfolds Mrs McCallister before bringing her in. He takes her upstairs and they have tea with Barry as the punky butler.

She then wants to see the gardens and Barry covers the windows with an antarctic and palm tree pictures and she is amazed how they grow palm trees there and wants to talk to the gardener who Barry has to dress up as. After the gardener let's out his secret Mrs McCallister says she wants to see the picture gallery and the picture with the moving eyes, and Barry has to dress up again. She then wants to go through the secret passageway leading from the gallery to the master bedroom. They use a wardrobe and they get inside while Barry moves it round into another room. Once she has seen it she says she wants to see the stables which Barry makes out of hay coming out of the door, naying sounds and knocking two coconut shells together. See then wants to see the horse but has to wear the blindfold while Barry uses different things to make it feel like a horse.

Barry then takes her back to the cart and they take a U-turn back to the place where they were and they take the blindfold off her. She says she enjoyed her trip and wanted to book the same one for next week.