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Paul tries his luck at inventing.


Barry follows signs forbidding anyone to enter Paul's workshop, but he walks in anyway.

He shows Barry some of his inventions and Barry invents the portable fan (a radio with Barry saying ("You're great you are, can i have your autograph?") Paul tries out his latest invention on Barry, the portable cinema, but as usual it isn't very successful.

They head off to some houses to try and advertise their inventions. Their first invention they show is the Automatic Lawnmower (in which the Goat escapes out of the back) Their next invention is the "Clothes Dryer Wind Making Machine" which Barry spins the washing line around on a bike with stains on the clean sheets, Paul put's his foot out and Barry lands on top of the line and goes flying around.

They then go for a pedal to think of more ideas, and force themselves into the house again with the new invention "Barry" (a boomerang with cup's of coffee on it) but it goes all over the clean sheets and the people throw them out. They invent a new invention on the way home with the washing line over their heads, "Chuckle Brothers Patent Umbrella" and they dance off to the theme of "Singing in the Rain."


  • Once again the non-speaking people were not credited in the credits although the woman does say no once.
  • When Barry was spinning on the washing line it was a dummy.
  • Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles are mentioned again, the last time was in Cafe Chuckles.


"Eureka! Eureka! You don't smell so good yourself!!"

(Barry waves his hand on his head) "What's that? Brainwave!"