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Old Lady #1 or known as Mrs Pringle in "Where's Auntie" is an elderly lady that Paul and Barry usually do tasks and jobs for. She is portrayed by Kate Copstick.


As she appeared in the episode The Art Dealers.


She first appeared in "The Art Dealers" as an old woman who wants a picture hung up at the Chuckles are selling, she is very unaware to what the Chuckles are doing to her living room and makes them cups of tea or goes to the shop for them throughout the episode.

She next appeared in "Another Fine Ness as the owner of an Inn in Scotland in which she creates the task of hunting down the Loch Ness Monster, in this episode she is not fooled by the Chuckles techniques of evidence.

She next appeared in "The Missing Piece" as Beaming Berale, a famous puzzle creator.

She next appeared in "The Exterminators" as a woman who has woodworm in her Longboy and she get's angry with the man next door when he destroys her Long-Boy.

She next appeared in "Wheels of Mistfortune" as another old lady who let's the boys take her car and race it in a motorcar competition against No Slacking.

She next appeared in "Gold Rush" as an old woman who lives next door to an older grumpy man who wants his gold.

She next appeared in "Getting the Bird" as a customer of Chuckle Pet Supplies.

She next appeared in "Comic Relief Special 1999" as an old woman who Paul knocks into on the street and she drops her shopping resulting in her hitting Paul with her umbrella/Bag.

She next appeared in "Lotta Bottle as an old woman who lives next door to a pregnant woman and falls asleep on the milk truck and lands in a skip.

Her final appearance was in "Where's Auntie" where she is Mrs Pringle, a very impatient woman who they get mixed up with Jimmy's Auntie.


She was in her 30's/40's when she filmed ChuckleVision and wore a grey wig but her real black hair can be seen in certain episodes.