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On The Hoof

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Written By

John Sayle

Guest Starring

Paul Grunert, John Hart Dyke and Vicki Hopps

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Part 4: The Chuckle Brothers head to the MI7 headquarters where a man needs to make a presentation for the Minister. They help him by dressing up as donkey but it turns out the Minister is allergic to animals.


Paul then give the people in the car directions. Paul and Barry head to the MI7 Headquarters on an government mission. They meet the instructor and tells them all about it, but the man tells them to go to their quarters. he is soon visited by the secretary and the Minister Without-Portfolio (the ones that Paul who talking to earlier). They came here for the presentation or they can shut the place down if they not see the presentation.

The man tells the brothers about the minister and organise the gift for him. The gift turns out to be a donkey, Paul then ignores the man's orders and accidentally loses it. Barry then informs the man about it who quickly stalls the presentation. The brothers search everywhere but they eventually find the donkey in Barry's room and eating his trousers. Barry then goes to inform the man, who is meanwhile, told by the secretary that the minister who once head of animals but comes to allergic reaction forcing himself to be bedridden and eventually retire from head of animals. Barry tells the man about the donkey, but the man tells Barry to lose the donkey due to the minister's allergic reaction. Barry discovers that Paul has chained the donkey to his waist and thrown away the key. After two attempts of disguising the donkey, they manage to use the bull cutters to break the chain and hides the disguised donkey in the building, but they discover the three people are coming to visit it, they manage to take the donkey out before they enter. The minister, who has had enough being stalled from the presentation, requests for the presentation. The man is then questioned about a marching band school and leaves to inform the brothers that the secretary and the minister were in the wrong place. Not wanting to disappoint the minister, they create the two men marching band. However the donkey appears in front of the minister, the man and the secretary back away as the brothers run in panic.