On the Radio
On the radio
"Gimme five!" "I haven't got any money."

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Original Airdate:

November 21st 1992

Written by:

John Sayle

Guest Starring:

Dave Benson-Philips

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"Romany Days"

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"Rich for a Day"

The Chuckle Brothers try to get on the radio.


Paul is getting into the music business and makes a new mix, then Paul suggests new clothes and they head off to get on the radio. But the Chuckles crash and Paul suggests they lose the sunglasses.

They enter reception and the receptionist announces they can't take tapes from the public but Paul carries on and he get's them thrown out. They then try around the back. Barry enters a password and the door opens and they get inside but are shoved out the back again. They then get a ladder and Paul climbs it and attracts the attention of the man but the ladder falls back and crashes to the ground. They then borrow the window cleaners cradle and climb the building, but Paul can't work out the controls and it goes haywire. They eventually control it and get the attention of the man and wave the tape at him but it drops in a bucket of paint.

Paul then pretends to bring in some stock and he sent inside. Once inside they start to mess with the equipment. They finish their recording and are caught and thrown out but Paul distracts the man by picking up their radio and Paul put's the tape on the pile.

They leave for home and turn on the radio and their recording is played but Paul isn't happy and decides to give up pop music, they then head off to get a pizza.


  • When the radio jingle is played "Dave Cooke FM" is sung as the station.
  • The receptionist is played by a young Dave Benson-Philips who presented "Get Your Own Back" for CBBC.
  • This episode was repeated on CBBC on Choice and premiered on 4th August 2000. It is the only Series 5 episode that they showed.

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Chucklevision 5x09 On the Radio

Chucklevision 5x09 On the Radio