Optical Illusions
Optical Illusions 2

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Original Airdate:

March 17th 1999

Written by:

Marie Findley & Emma Williams

Guest Starring:

Jimmy Patton & Brian Patton

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"Mountain Excitement"

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"In the Soup"

The Chuckle Brothers help new weatherman No Slacking with his eyesight.


Paul and Barry open up an opticians, and their first customer only comes in for clean fluid for his glasses but they insist on a strength test where Paul end up breaking them so they have to get him new glasses. After an eyetest Paul and Barry litteraly make him go blind by shining a tourch in his eyes. So they give him the big glasses making his eyesight unseeable thus causing him to cause a road accident outside.

The next customer is non other than No Slacking who is the new wheatherman on TV. Barry ruins the eyechart so he makes a new one with new letters spelling out I am daft. No Slacking realises shouting it out making Paul and Barry think he's mad. Paul takes him into the "consulting" room where they determin he needs the "special pair" which are just really goofy looking glasses. No Slacking is'nt sure so the two change his outfit making him look more goofier.

At the TV studio a nervous Slacking does live reporting. Due to the glasses he is wearing he is unable to read the cue cards so The Chucks give him clues. For wind they get a massive fan which is so strong it nearly blows him away. For rain they pour water on him and they end up tipping it all at once on his head. And for snow they sprinkle washing up powder over him, the water and the powder mix together making a load of bubbles.

No Slacking's sure of getting fired gets called to his boss Mr Mattews office, after a long walk they get there and it's revealed Mr Mattews is the same man who was in the Chuckles' optician and because of his glasses didn't see NS's performance, he takes off his glasses and recognises the Chuckles he and No Slacking then chase the two out of the studio and into their Chuckmobile.


  • One of the rare times both Chuckle Brothers and both Patton Brothers are in the same episode.
  • Also one of the rare times Brian plays a character other than Mr. Get Out Of It.
  • This episode and "Monkery Buisness" are the only times No Slacking doesn't use his infamous catchphrase (I'm sure you can guess what it is).

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ChuckleVision 11x13 Optical Illusions

ChuckleVision 11x13 Optical Illusions