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Out of This World
14x05 Out of this world

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Written By

John Sayle

Guest Starring

Peter Gale, Ronald Forfar, and Kristen Cooke

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All Clued Up

Part 5: Carrington-Smythe reveals Paul and Barry's mission and sets them on the trail of Professor Rex Frimley.


Mr. Carrington-Smythe tells Paul and Barry that they have to go on a mission to rescue Professor Rex Frimley. Paul and Barry are sent up to space to rescue the professor. After a series of chaos of lack of gravity, They manage to find Gravity boots and continue the search for the professor. After finding the Professor, he tells Paul and Barry that he invented the Prototype Weather Machine. After hearing the noise from outside the Professor's room, Barry and the Professor think it's the alien and go to investigate, as Paul relaxes himself and goes for a sleep, unaware that he drifted into mid-air whilst sleeping.

After searching through corridors, Barry thinks Paul is the alien and captures him and recognising him afterwards. Paul and Barry hear the Professor's scream and finds him held hostage by a woman. The woman reveals herself to be Maddy and reveals to the brothers that she will use the professor and make the machine. The Professor shouts "216" and throws Paul and Barry an sock puppet with a clue inside telling them to go to his house and never miss the bus.


  • This is the second time Barry mentions the BBC show EastEnders while stating that he hadn't set the tape up for the show as he is having trouble with zero gravity when Paul comments that it could go on forever.