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The Chuckle Brothers work in a scientific research labratory where Paul thinks he's invented an invisibility machine.


The chuckles work for a scientific research company, run none other than No Slacking. Paul is devistated to find that even after the invention of a (faulty) one-for-everything remote control he's landed in a job as a cleaner. After numerous attempts to get noticed he puts matters into his own hands by building a revalutionary machine which is nothing more than an instant tanner. Paul has a failed test with a green banana, meaning Barry will have to test his machine with only a hat for protection. During the creation of the machine No Slacking breaks both his legs, meaning he can't give an important speech. His secretary then suggests he videotape himself and play the recording infront of the audience.

After the countdown, Paul opens the machine doors only to see an empty cupboard. He comes to the conclusion that he's turned Barry invisible when in reality he's got out through the back door. Paul goes to tell Slacking about his revolutionary discover, he doesn't believe him, leaving him to turn himself invisible to show him the results. With the two "invisible" they run amok in the research center by messing about with a horrified Slacking. During this the secretary breaks her glasses, leaving her with unable to see.

The two sneak into a top secret meeting thinking nobody is the wiser. No Slacking is unaware due to the fact he's pre-recorded. Whilst there they notice that the blind secretary has mistaken the bannana for a one-for-everything remote control, leaving Paul to use his own which does nothing but turn a TV onto static, blow-up a phone and destroy some curtains. They two are then kicked out of the research center as everybody in the meeting applauds them for being kicked out. As they leave, Barry wonders if the two were actually invisible as Paul knocks over the entrance sign in anger.


Barry: Don't you think we should leave the inventing to the experts?

Paul: Experts? Experts!? Who do you think I am?

Barry: Can we come back to that one?

Paul: Have you got a green bannana?

Barry: A green bannana?

Paul: Yes.

Barry: Oh dear, I left it at home.

Paul: Typical.

Barry: Are you sure we're invisible Paul?