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The Chuckle Brothers plan a suprise birthday party for a woman's husband.


Paul and Barry go into the party planning business with a little help from Dan The Van and Barry's money. Whilst testing the stuff they get their first customer, Mrs. Hargreaves, a woman who wants to organize a suprise party for what they think is her husband. When the two arrive at the house in The ChuckMobile, Mr. Hargreaves is the only one in. The Chuckle Brothers must make sure he doesn't know, so they say his wife wanted them to re-decorate the living room.

Paul and Barry have to get the stuff in without Mr. Hargreaves knowing but he sees them, forcing them to tell him it's all paint samples and cover charts, and won't let him look. Barry has to get the rest of the stuff in though the window. After throwing four boxes in at Paul, Barry makes a noise with a kazoo, making Mr. Hargreaves come in and asks how Barry fell out the window. Paul said he fell and tells Mr. Hargreaves to demonstrate, and he ends up falling out which Paul meant to do so he couldn't see what they were doing.

After Paul barricades the door with a coffee table, Barry pops a balloon and makes Mr. Hargreaves drop his wife's priceless china tea set. When Mr. Hargreaves has had enough and tries to barge into the room, Paul and Barry notice a photo of Mr. Hargreaves and his wife, who looks nothing like the woman that came into the shop. The Chuckles realise they have the wrong house and put the room back to normal quickly before leaving.

Outside, the Chuckle Brothers see Mrs. Hargreaves and ask her where her house is, and she says this is her house. The two find out the man who they thought was her husband was her son. Mrs. Hargreaves gets mad and chases the Chuckles to the ChuckMobile where they ride off and drop a few boxes on the way.


  • The idea of getting the wrong house was somewhat reused in Series 10's "Flat Broke", instead the two get the wrong flat.