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Paul Elliott

Paul Harman Elliott (Born October 18, 1947) is an actor who portrayed Paul Chuckle in ChuckleVision as well as many other comedy related programmes including The Chuckle Hounds, the game show To Me... To You..., ChuckleMaths and many various stage shows.

He is the younger brother and partner of Barry Elliott who played Barry Chuckle and together they did entertainment calling themselves the Chuckle Brothers. He also has a sister and three brothers, two of whom appeared in some shows with them: Jimmy Patton (Mr. No Slacking), Brian Patton (GetOutOfIt) and the late Colin Patton.

Paul and Barry

Paul with his older brother Barry during their years on ChuckleVision.

Paul had been in show business since he and Barry won a talent contest called Opportunity Knocks and some years later, ChuckleVision appeared on the television screens in 1987 becoming one of the most popular tv shows ever.

During their project of Chuckle Time, tragedy struck when Barry died at the age of 73 on 5th August 2018, after a period of ill health from bone cancer. This was Paul's final project with his brother.

Barry's funeral was held in Rotheram, Yorkshire, the place of their birth on 17th August 2018 at Rotheram United Stadium where many friends and fans both young and old came to pay their respects. Paul was seen helping carrying in Barry's coffin, finding it hard to hold back his tears.

Paul at this time is trying to move on with life after the passing of his beloved brother, partner and best friend. But he has revealed to continue the work that he and Barry shared of making people laugh.