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The Chuckle Brothers look after Jerry The Berry's Pick Your Own fruit farm.


Paul and Barry are looking after a friend of Dan's called Jerry The Berry by looking after his new Pick Your Own farm while he's away for the day. They get the punits stall ready and Paul tells Barry to be careful for people who eat the berries without paying for them. Barry goes for more punits while Paul makes himself a cup of tea, Paul accedently turns on the sprinkler system causing an old man to get soaked, Barry comes back with punits and makes a cup of tea making the same mistake as Paul, the old man gets angry and throws the kettle on the floor.

Paul suspects him to be a berry stealer and tells Barry to follow him and see what he's up to, Barry picks some berries but he ends up grabbing the old man on the other side of the bush who precides to run after him, he gives up and goes back to berry picking. Paul tells Barry to dress up as a scarecrow and follow the old man, Barry spies on the old man but he figures him out causing a chase with leads Paul and Barry back to the stall.

Paul and Barry get chased around the stall, then around the feild, a man and his wife join in after Barry knocks the two over. The old man asks Paul and Barry to hide him from the husband, so he and the old man also dress up as scarecrows but the disguise doesn't work as the three get chased through the feild again. The three come up with a plan which is just to knock the husband over a few times which somehow makes him and his wife forget about it and go back to berry picking. The old man decides to make to two a cup of tea, but the sprinklers go off again making the husband get extremely mad, Paul and Barry run off.


  • After the scene when the old man is soaked with water by Barry, when he walks into the camera the stage lighting is reflected in his jacket.
  • Fourth episode out of six from Series 7 to be repeated on CBBC on Choice.