Pizza the Action
Pizza the action

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Original Airdate:

January 22nd 1994

Written by:

Ramsay Gilderdale & Philip Hazelby

Guest Starring:

Ramsay Gilderdale & Philip Hazelby

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"Gala Performance"

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"Mystery Tour"

The Chuckle Brothers try their hand at the pizza delivery business.


Paul and Barry decide to go into the pizza business. They start to hand out leaflets on the street, but people keep on dropping them except for one man. He phones them up and wants a plain pizza with extra cheese and they get down to work. They make the pizza to music and stick it in the oven. He gets Barry to deliver it and he posts it in the post box. They meet with the postman and ask him if he has seen it but they have to come down to the sorting office to look for it. They get it back and deliver it to his office and Barry makes a mess of his office, they find out he has gone to the bank and go and find him. They follow him to the library and miss him again, they follow him to the swimming pool and find him on the water slide.

They chase him back to his office, when he turns up he tells them that his lunch hour is over and he storms into his office. He then finds out they have vandalised his office and runs after them and they run out of the building followed by the man and postman behind them. The Chuckles then make it back to the Mill and decide to have pizza for their lunch.

Trivia Edit

  • The writers both star in the episode as guest appearances.

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Chucklevision 6x03 Pizza the Action

Chucklevision 6x03 Pizza the Action