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The Chuckle Brothers try to find alternative power sources.


At The Mill, Barry is putting cat food in a bowl which Paul mistakes for his breakfast and rinses his mouth out in disgust. Barry tells Paul he's looking after Garden centre manager Mr Battersby's cat Mr. Ramsbottom. The post arrives at through the mailslot, one of the letter's is the electricity bill, the letter says the company will cut them off, they don't belive it until the power really does go off.

The two have to find an alternitive power source, Paul comes up with the idea to use nuclear power, they call for uranium but the woman on the other line mistakes them for terrorists and faints. Paul decides to use the energy from a water wheel, but Barry makes one too small.

Paul decides to use wind power and decides to go and find a propeller. Unfortunately they take a short cut through a private airfield where Air Field Commander Slacking is watching them. Thay pass one of the planes and see a propeller, just as Paul is about to touch it, No Slacking appears and orders them to leave, during this a man takes the propeller for cleaning and No Slacking thinks the two have took it. Paul and Barry buy one from an antiques shop, they come back the way they came and No Slacking thinks the propeller they are carrying ielongs to the airforce, he chases after them but is unsuccessful and soon realises that they didn't take it after all when he sees the cleaner putting it back.

Paul makes a shed with a propeller on it to get energy, Barry turns around a crank to get it working, Paul turns it on and Barry goes flying into some tree's. The cat goes running off and ends up turning on the power shed, the shed ends up chasing after No Slacking from earlier. Paul and Barry end up getting the power back all thanks to a giant lemon given to him from Mr Battersby as a thank you to Barry for looking after his cat.


  • This is the first episode of ChuckleVision to be shown on digital satellite, cable and terrestrial channel BBC Choice on the newly-launched CBBC on Choice on Saturday December 4th 1999, ChuckleVision was shown at 7.00am and repeated at 10.00am. They showed 6 episodes of Series 7 which has been shown on a loop every weekend on CBBC on Choice every 3 weeks from December 1999 - September 2000.