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The Chuckle Brothers try to break various world records, all of which they end up failing at.


Paul is reading the Guinness Book Of World Records, he notices how many jelly beans Barry eats and thinks he should go for the record of most jelly beans eaten in a minute, with Paul as his trainer what could go wrong (except everything), Paul learns that records related to eating do not count much to Barry's pleasure. Paul helps Barry break the world land-speed record with The ChuckMobile (AKA: The Chucklebird 2), The ChuckleBird goes so fast it goes off without him and it ends up flying into the air. The two then go for the world's largest tree but it would take longer than 200 years, they go for the wellie wanging record but even with 2 wellies they fail.

Paul goes for the biggest layout of dominoes, Roy Castle from Record Breakers appears to record the records, Roy likes the two's dedication and to express it he plays the trumpet which almost makes the dominoes topple over, the trio go for a cup of tea, Barry shuts the mill door and all the dominoes topple over making them lose the record, Barry tries to break the record of longest playing of the electronic keyboard while Paul makes the worlds biggest ice sculpture, Barry's been going at the record for more than 7 months and only has seconds, The ChuckleBird 2 crashes into the telephone pole and makes the power and the keyboard go off, Paul's sculpture gets melted by The ChuckMobile so the two lose.

Barry goes for the record of swimming the channel, Paul bets he'll back at tea time. But, after tea, Paul gets worried about Barry, as Roy gets a call saying they found the first sea-lion. Paul misses Barry but it doesn't stop him from eating his Pie and Mash. Roy brings back the talking sea-lion which turns out to Barry, the two think they'll never get a record, but Roy informs them they have a honorary record for highest number of failed records, all three celebrate and Roy sings the dedication song thus ending Series 6 of ChuckleVision.


  • Roy Castle guest stars in this episode due to him hosting the show Record Breakers. Sadly, he died of lung cancer five months after this episode aired, this was also his last television appearance.