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The Chuckle Brothers win a chance to be rich for a day.


The post arrives at the Chuckle's caravan. Paul gets a letter saying that he's won the Corn Flakes contest and the first prize is to spend a day in a fancy mannor with a butler and anything his heart desires. When they get to the manor they find that the butler is none other than No Slacking, after a bad first impression the two go to see inside.

Inside the two sample all the luxuries instore, Paul and Barry end up almost smashing a vase, Barry puts it back down but the table gives way and the vase breaks into pieces along with the table. The butler comes in to tell them the tea's in the drawing room, during tea the two manage to slurp tea and confuse the butler but to top it off Barry throws a scone onto a priceless painting, he tries to clean it off but ends up making the painting completley white. Paul tries to recreate it but instead draws a giant thumb, when the butler comes in he suggests croque the two go off for a game just as the butler see's the giant thumb painting on the top of the porch.

On their way to play croquet the two break a statue and a fountain, the butler comes to tell them how to play, they have no idea at all of how to play and Barry ends up hitting the ball though the window, the butler tries to catch it but ends up dropping a priceless tea set onto the floor breaking it. The butler has had enough and tells the two to get out, Paul refuses and shows the butler the letter for the contest he won, the butler figures out the two won the second prize which was a pen. The butler gets really angry and chases the two to The ChuckMobile which they drive off in.


  • Second episode written by Russell T. Davies.
  • The scene where Barry completely rubs off the painting is very similar to a scene in Series 1's Antiques And Heirlooms.
  • This Episode Was Repeated On CBBC On Choice On Monday 7th August 2000.