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The Chuckle Brothers do some babysitting.


The Chuckles have turned up to babysit for Mrs Russell and she shows them around, but Barry is slacking behind and has a bit of trouble with the hat stand. Barry opens the fridge and the food falls out followed by the door coming off. But Paul assures her they can fix it.

Tommy wakes up but pretends to be asleep when Paul and Barry come up to check on him and read him a story and Barry falls asleep in the process and Paul carries him down the stairs after.

Paul is reading his paper while Barry slurps a drink noisily, which annoys Paul.

The Chuckles hear a noise and head upstairs and tidy up Tommy's room, then they head back downstairs and Barry sits on a pin stuck on his chair. Tommy makes some mischief with Paul and keeps patting him on the shoulder which enrages Paul and blames it on Barry. He then whacks Paul around the head and he get's angry and whacks Barry around the head with his newspaper. He then ties Paul's shoelaces together ans he trips over when trying to punish Barry again. Tommy then turns out the lights and Paul gives Barry to the count of three to turn them on, then on two he get's pied in the face. Paul then loses his temper and Barry goes to check on Tommy and Paul chases after him, until Barry pulls Tommy's head off and realises it is a football. They then search for him and he emerges from the behind the sofa and pretends to sleepwalk upstairs.

They then manage to fix all the damage they have done but the black treacle leaks onto the chairs. When Mrs. Russell returns, the Chuckles say a quick goodbye and leave with the chairs stuck to their backsides.


  • When Paul and Barry leave at the end, they leave their coats which are clearly hanging on the coat-hanger.
  • This Was One Of Several Episodes Of Series 5 On CBBC On Choice.