Romany Days
Romany days

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Original Airdate:

November 14th 1992

Written by:

The Chuckle Brothers

Guest Starring:

David Williams & Julie Armstrong

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"In the Ring"

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"On the Radio"

The Chuckle Brothers go to an amusement park.


Paul and Barry are playing snap in their caravan and Paul is winning. Then a radio announcement comes out saying that the Emperor has lost his Ceremonial Underpants.

Barry goes for a walk while Paul shouts out lots of board games they could play and Barry discovers a fortune teller's cart, but no-one is in. On their way back to the caravan, Paul purpously hurts himself so Barry would go and have his fortune told, so Paul goes to get dressed up and takes a shortcut to get there before Barry. He tells Barry his fortune that he will be going on a trip with Paul. He returns to the fortune teller to thank her and Paul has to dress up again quickly.

They travel to "Flamingoland" and Barry goes on the big rollercoaster, while Paul searches for the Emperors Underpants and finds a pair. Paul plays Fortune Teller again and tells Barry he is getting warmer in the thing that he is looking for.

They go on a few rides first including the ghost train which Paul comes out of shaken. They go to the restaurant and Paul won't let Barry order anything when he doesn't have enough money but when the waitress comes over Paul says Barry should order something and when he does Paul asks him why he did and so on. It ends up resulting the waitress pouring the meal all over Barry's head. Paul tells him to clean himself and hands him the underpants and the waitress drops her tray in shock.

He goes and see's the real fortune teller who is in disguise as the embacy and gives Barry £100 for finding them. He then spends it on the fairground and gets Paul to go on the rollercoaster with him and he screams all the way through with Barry smiling all the way.


  • The ride that Barry went on was called Crazy Loop and it closed in 1995.

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ChuckleVision 5x08 Romany Days

ChuckleVision 5x08 Romany Days