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Paul teaches Barry how to become a jockey.


Barry is chucking out some old junk and finds a picture of a horse that he hadn't seen before and asks Paul about it. He says that it is a picture of Dan the Van's new horse and Barry asks if they could go and see it.

Paul then has the idea of learning Barry to be a jockey and he needs to weigh him first. He puts some small weights on and drops the giant one on and Barry goes flying upwards and Paul hit his foot on it, Paul looks up and finds Barry has landed on the top shelf. They eventually get the correct weight. He puts Barry on a diet and has him doing exercises and shouting at him through a megaphone, he get's a shock when he see's Barry sitting on a bench eating a snack and crashes into a nearby bush.

Barry practises first without a horse then when he is ready attempts to get on it and screams in shock because the horse has lost it's head, but Barry has climbed on it the wrong way round. He fits Barry with a harness and hitches him to a hook to lift him onto the horse with ease. He then get's Barry a smaller horse but as it is so small it walks off from between his legs. Paul put's him on a rocky cow which he enjoys.

After deciding to do something else, Paul proves that the training won't go to waist and they ride some donkeys on the nearby beach.


  • Final appearance of the caravan.


Paul: I told you not to mention Uncle Fred, he was the black sheep of the family, a hairdresser.

Barry: Oh he was a Bar-ber Blacksheep!