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Safari Park Keepers
Safari Park Keepers

Series Number:


Episode Number:


Original Airdate:

February 11th 1998

Written by:

Rory Clark & Robert Taylor

Guest Starring:

Jimmy Patton

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"Flat Broke"

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"Stop That Stamp"

The Chuckle Brothers work at a safari park.


Paul and Barry are working in a zoo which Paul always dreamed of. No Slacking appears and tells the brothers to "Get down to the elephant house and give Jumbo a wash". He tells them to make sure they do a good job and "No Slacking." In the elephant house, Jumbo treads on the hose pipe blocking all the water, The two give up when NS appears and tells them to do the most dangerous job: Feeding the lions.

After fitting the windows on the Chucklemobile, They went in the territory to feed the lions, due to a flat tire and lions nearby the brothers then drive out of the territory leaving just the gate open. The brothers hide up a tree and sees many people running and screaming in the distance (Paul thinks they are doing a marathon), they also see NS running as well, until they realize that they are actually being chased by an escaped lion. After deciding whose should go down, the conflict causing the two to fall down one-by-one.

While NS (now with his hair messed up and his clothes tattered and torn to shreds) is lecturing the brothers, He is told on the phone that elephant poachers are going to break into the zoo, He gives the brothers a second chance, If they mess it up, he'll fire them. NS sends the two away to feed the sea lions. Outside the office, The Chuckle Brothers then plan to catch the poachers by setting a trap.

Paul and Barry then set a trap in the middle of the forest when they are having trouble testing it, Barry switches on the control box which captures Paul. Later that night, Paul goes inside Barry's tent and imagine it was bigger in the inside which leads him to dismantle his own in order to go in Barry's tent only to find it was small for two brothers to fit in.

Minutes later, Paul and Barry create a lure for elephant poachers by inflating a elephant balloon they tie to the tent after nearly losing it. While Paul sleeps Barry hears someone coming thinking it might be poachers, Barry comes out the tent which flies off due to the balloon. After catching the "poacher", Paul climbs out of the tent only to fall onto the net which collapses. After they told each other that the poacher has been captured but it revealed that they captured NS. He's about the fire them but the brothers beg him to give them another chance, NS then decides to keep them on, but for exhibition.


  • This episode was filmed at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire.