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Safe And Sound
Gran the van

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Written By

John Sayle

Guest Starring

Rosemary Macvie, Peter Gale and Malcom Terris

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Part 1: The Chuckle Brothers visit Gran The Van to deliver a safe and help showcase the very rare and priceless Runnymede Ruby to her guests. But it suddenly goes missing...


The Chuckle Brothers are delivering a safe to Dan the Van's Gran's House. Gran doesn't speak to Paul (because of what he did the last time he visited) and only pays attention to Barry. The Brothers are told to place the safe in the study. Whilst placing the safe on the desk, the desk collapses, due to the weight of the safe. The brothers find a ruby (The Runnemede Ruby) in one of the desk drawers, which they use as a makeshift hammer to repair the desk. Having done so, they test the ruby to see if it is real. Paul (falsely) claims that a genuine ruby can cut glass, and traces a circle with the ruby on the library window to show Barry that this ruby is fake. However, the glass indeed falls out and smashes, and the brothers realise that the ruby is genuine. Barry places the ruby in the safe (alongside the paper with the safe combination written on it), but does not actually lock the safe shut.

Meanwhile, Dan the Van phones the house, and requests that Paul and Barry stay the evening to help Gran with hosting her dinner party.

Later that evening, the brothers greet the guests (including Messrs. Tadlock and Carrington-Smyth) who are staying overnight for a private viewing of the Runnemede Ruby. Paul and Barry overhear snatches of conversation from various guests that sound suspicious, making them fear a guest might take the ruby. Barry goes to the study, and locks the safe door shut (although he does not check inside).

The guests then all go to bed. The brothers decide to "sleep" in the study. However, they realise that Barry locked both the ruby and the safe combination inside the safe, making the safe un-openable. They worry that Gran will be furious in the morning when she is unable to show her guests the ruby.

Paul makes multiple attempts to open the safe (with a hammer, a drill, and an explosion), but causes chaos and wakes the guests up on multiple occasions, and his attempts do not open the safe anyway. Barry then remembers the combination, and opens the safe to reveal that the ruby is gone. The Brothers then decide to search for the ruby with Barry trying to phone for a desert island to rent.


  • The episode was filmed at Dancer's Hill House near Barnet. The house would later be used as a filming location in That Ol' Chuckle Magic, A Change in the Weather, Music of Time and Mind Your Manors.
  • Not all of Gran's guests were credited mainly because they don't have any lines.
  • From this series onwards, the runtime has reverted back to the 14 minute format that series 3 had. This stays permanent for the rest of the show's run.
  • Also from this episode onwards, outtakes are now shown during the end credits instead of still images.