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Series One of ChuckleVision, was filmed in 1986 airing on Children's BBC on 26 September 1987. With a total of 13 episodes, it finished on 19 December 1988 with the first ever ChuckleVision christmas special, Traditional Christmas.

Series One was commisioned after the success of ChuckleHounds, though both series are highly different from each other. Series One and Two of ChuckleVision are of a different format than the other nineteen series of the show, they focues on certian topics, and featured interludes in each episodes, like Billy Butler's Armchair Theatre, long enough to be chapters in the episode.

Series One had not been seen on television since around the first time it aired. In 2011, the series became the first ever ChuckleVision series to be released on DVD, and this is infact the second ever ChuckleVision video release.