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Series 22 was going to be an upcoming series of ChuckleVision. Sadly that is no longer going to happen.


There was plenty to notifications on Facebook going around to Barry asking about Series 22 and he did confirm at first that there would be a Series 22 in 2010 but this was eventually delayed until 2011. Filming started possibly that year and was delayed because of the BBC moving the Childrens Department to Salford.

The Chuckle Brothers confirmed on their website that Series 22 will be recorded and broadcast in 2013, as filming has been disrupted by the BBC moving from Television Centre in London to Salford.

However the BBC has since axed the show due to lack of interest. This has been confirmed on the Chuckle Brothers Facebook page.

Rumors and Stories[]

John Sayle has rumoured that he is planning a one-off special for the 25th anniversary that is taking place in 2012, although this is now confirmed as not being true, do to the fact that the anniversary date has passed.

There was a rumour on Wikipedia, confirming that the head of CBBC Damian Kavanagh confirmed of a Series 22 starting October 2014, although this rumour has no evidence or alibi to prove its truthfulness.