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The Chuckle Brothers venture into the world of property development by building a beach hut.


Paul and Barry are having a day on the beach. Paul then tells Barry that they'll be going into the world of property and how he sees a future of the beach being covered with houses, office blocks, restaurants and theater's. Barry thinks he's flipped, but Paul thinks undeveloped land is right for a new venture.

After a quick phonecall, Paul learns how much it costs to build an office block and instead just make it a normal accomodation for sale, Down on the beach they put up the sign and go off. The two find a little puppet stall and think it's perfect for their acomodation, looking from inside the stall Barry tells Paul a PC's coming. Of course, the policeman is just a puppet Barry's controlling but Paul's too stupid to tell, the policeman squeze's Paul's nose making him run off.

Paul suggests to make a beach hut like the ones in America, and even after losing the blueprints, they get to work with all their stuff on the beach. After they get all the stuff off the cart, Paul decides it should be closer to the sea so they get all the stuff back on the cart and go closer to the sea shore.

After building the hut Paul finds he's trapped himself inside with no door and after Barry leaves him on his own he has to destroy the hut to get out meaning the two have to start again, their finally done with the hut and decide to go and get some refreshments and wait for their first customer. Much to Paul and Barry's expense the beach hut has been pulled in by the tide and is miles away in the ocean.


  • The episode was filmed in Filey, North Yorkshire.
  • Barry spends most of the episode wearing 2 coats and a shirt and 2 pairs of trousers and a pair of shorts.