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Simon Lovell The Magician

Simon Lovell The Magician was the second accompaniment to Series 1 of ChuckleVision. This usually appeared between 14 and 16 minutes of the show's duration. He usually showed a trick or two in every episode except Sport and Halloween where he didn't appear. He sometimes had accomplices such as The Chuckles themselves or the McChuckles. He is now a professional magician living in New York. He didn't appear in Series 2 because the show took a different direction.

The Magic Tricks are shown below:

French Tore and Restore Paper Trick[]

Simon explains about the French newspaper then shows the pages. After that he rips it into shreds. He picks up all the bits scrunches it up then uses his magic to restore it back together as a fully functional French Newspaper. He shows the pages again to prove he is not bluffing. 

The Leaping Ant Trick[]

The Magic Brush Trick[]

The Coloured Block Trick & The Skipping Rope Trick[]

The Magic Box Trick[]

The Magic Card Trick (accompanied by The McChuckle Brothers)[]

The Fashion Trick[]

The Disappearing Moon Trick[]

The Window Trick[]

The Tie Trick & Chip Trick[]

The Christmas Dice Trick & The Christmas Cake Trick (Aided by The McChuckle Brothers)[]