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The Chuckle Brothers enter a spooky house.


The ChuckMobile has a flat tyre and Barry has left the pump at home. Paul starts to make some chicken moves and an old lady gives them a funny look. They try an old abandoned house and the door opens unannounced making Barry try and make a break for it.

They have a look around the old and dark corridors and Paul finds a door which opens into a garden and he closes it again, but thinks he is going mad. Paul knocks on the door and Barry knocks back which Paul thinks is from the other side of the door and he does a tune on the door until Barry finishes off the tune on Paul's head. He asks him what he is doing and tells him to go and check every nook and cranny in which Barry presumes in every crook and nanny.

Paul re-enters the garden and looks around at all the beautiful things in it. A butler appears and looks like Barry but will do anything for him as it is Paul's reality. The butler Barry gives Paul anything he wants including a table, chair and a cup of tea. When the butler pours the tea he doesn't pour a drop and Paul is stunned. Paul soon get's bored and ties the butlers shoelaces together and he falls over purposely. He then get's him some fresh fruit and he eats the banana and chucks the skin and tries to get the butler to slip on it but he doesn't and he askes Paul if he wants to see the rest of the garden and he accept but trips on the banana skin and returns back to the house. And after realising it was a dream, Paul goes off with Barry to make him a cup of tea.


  • The episode was written by Russell T. Davies, who brought back Doctor Who in 2005. He wrote a couple more episodes for Series 5 as well.