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Dan The Van sends the Chuckle Brothers to blow up an old chimney.


It is one fine morning and the brothers head into Dan's company called Dan The Van Industries where they have been told to sit down until he is ready to see them. At last they encounter him but get stopped by security guards. Finally they leave and head off to the destination they have been sent to. They knock other a sign which is why they think they are Demo Experts and not Demolition Experts when they look at it. 

Time to have a look around and Paul seems to be figuring how to open the shed (Well he does but only to destroy the thing). After he goes inside and sees crates of TNT. Barry believes it's Dynamite while Paul thinks it short for Telephones And Televisions. Paul hands Barry the crate but ends up in a argument. At long last No Slacking finally has some lines in the episode as he appears to see what's going on. With the TNT in the hand they play Hot Potato with it (Until they set it down). No Slacking explains what in the crate,about his relations to Dan and Paul and Barry's tasks they have to do (Destroying a Large Chimney). Being the cowards The Brothers decline in the job and decide to strike on it. When they head to his office (While setting the alarm of) they protest on the job however it does not go to plan (They got hung in a prison cell). So they accept and head to the place (Where No Slacking is fixing the shed). No Slacking greets them and tell's the to put Jelly around the Chimney in which they mistook it for gelatin and actually did that. Meanwhile No Slacking as usual is doing his complaining to Dan about hiring them.