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The Chuckle Brothers work at a tailor's in order to show off their new jacket.


Paul and Barry are on the phone to the McChuckles enquiring about the material they need from them and telling them that they will soon have orders for them. They decide to get some cards printed to promote their business and go down the local shop and get their cards printed, but end up printing too many. Barry spots a cup with his name on it and asks Paul if he can have it, but he refuses.

They go to a shop and try to persuade the owner to sell their McChuckle Tartan, but the man is reluctant to have it, but they don't give up trying to sell it. They fail and Paul decides to dress up as a customer to try and persuade the man to buy it, but he realises it is him and when another man enters the shop, he mistakes him for Barry and tries to pull of his beard and quickly apologises. Then Barry enters with a bandage around his face requesting McChuckle Tartan and they are thrown out by the owner.

Paul then spots a sign and asks the man whether he wants any help, and he takes them on for a day's trial. They phone the McChuckles to request more cloth.

Back in the shop, the Chuckles mess up the shop bringing in a mannequin, and they begin to measure up their material until it is finished. They put in on display in the window, but the owner doesn't want it and he throws them out. The Chuckles sneak back in and grab their sample book. Then the man who came in previously comes back in and asks for a new jacket, and the Chuckles try some on him and end up ruining his own jacket, then they run out of the shop when he gets angry.

The manager returns and sees his jacket and begins laughing, and the man rips the sleeves off the manager's jacket. Then he spots the McChuckle Tartan and immediately likes it and wants to take it. The manager tries to persuade him not to have it, but he insists and they end up ripping it. The man gets angry and threatens him to make more to which the manager obeys.

The manager tells the Chuckle Brothers to make four jackets for the man. The brothers join the McChuckles and begin to make new jackets for the man.