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The Chuckle Brothers attempt to put up a telephone pole in someone's back garden.


Paul and Barry are representatives of Chucklecom (a telephone fixing company) and their first job is to fix a telephone in somebody's house. Paul tries out the phone and nothing is heard on the other side so Paul suggests plan 3296, after getting their tent to the garden Paul tells Barry to call the house phone with Paul's portable phone. During the call Barry mishears and goes to get Paul thinking the man on the other end wanted him. Paul picks up the portable phone and realises Barry's mistake and goes back into the house and tells Barry the call was for him.

Paul comes to the conclusion they need a telegraph pole, Barry pulls on a bit of wire causing the house phone to fly off. They get a pole in and Barry digs a pole hole in the flowerbeds, Paul rips out a load of flowers and throws them in the bushes. Paul looks for the house phone and finds it in the tent.

After a load of confusion Paul and Barry put up the pole, Barry has to go up the pole and put the wires up but he lets go and the pole hits into the garden shed, luckly it didn't break but when they take off the pole the shed walls collapses.

Paul decides to pull up the pole with Barry on it, when Paul pulls on the rope Barry goes flying into the trees. Barry decides to tie the wires before pulling up the pole, the two finally get the pole up but the telephone is tied up all the way at the top. When the two leave, the pole falls over and hits the greenhouse, Paul and Barry get inside their tent and slowly start to run off.


  • When the shed falls over a pole can be seen pushing the wall down.


Paul and Barry (singing): "Call us when you want a phone."

"And you'll find that we wont hurry."

"We'll be right round to your home."

"Chucklecom from Paul and Barry."


ChuckleVision 04x04 Telephone Traumas