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TheCBBCOnChoice was a YouTube channel that is now defunct and uploaded many ChuckleVision episodes, including rarely seen ones which were repeated on BBC Choice (now BBC Three) in the 1990s/2000s.


Dated Created

Sep 25 2009

Number of Subs

360 (From Web Archives July 11 2011)

Number of Videos

441 (July 11 2011)


3x01 - Stand and Deliver

3x02 - Parks and Wreck-Reations

3x03 - Stop That World...!

3x05 - Shipshape-Less

3x06 - Window Wind-Ups

6x01 - Under Lock and Key

6x02 - Gala Performance

6x03 - Pizza the Action

6x04 - Mystery Tour

6x06 - Party Planners

6x07 - Men in White Coats

6x08 - Mind Over Marrow

6x09 - Headline News

6x10 - Time Travellers

6x12 - Grand Hotel

6x15 - Record Breakers

Channel Design[]

The channel design for TheCBBCOnChoice as of the 11th of July 2011.

TheCBBCOnChoice Channel Design
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