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23rd March 2011

  • 4x02 Cafe Chuckles
  • 4x07 The Great Outddors
  • 4x12 In The Doghouse (Only part 2)
  • 4x14 Oddball Invention
  • 4x15 Movie Moguls (Removed by BBC)
  • 5x12 Wrong Number
  • 6x14 ChuckleMart
  • 7x04 Another Fine Mess (or Loch Ness)
  • 7x11 The Final Frontier (Only part 2)
  • 7x12 My Lucky Number's 9
  • 9x07 The Big Day
  • 12x03 Spaced Out (Unedited)
  • 12x10 Fete Accompli (Unedited)
  • 12x12 Watch The Birdie (Unedited)
  • 12x14 The Real Dan
  • 12x15 The Good, THe Bad And The Chuckles
  • 13x01 Lollipop Lollipop (Unedited)
  • 13x03 Wrong Number (Unedited)
  • 13x04 Fowl Play (Unedited)
  • 13x05 Prize Exhibits (Unedited)
  • 13x07 Let's Get Quizzical (Unedited)
  • 13x10 Hairs Apparent (Unedited, incomplete)
  • 13x13 Ghillie Me Ghillie You
  • 13x15 Silence Is Golden (Unedited)
  • 14x03 Flat And Apartmental
  • 14x04 On THe Hoof
  • 14x05 Out Of This World
  • 14x09 Barry The Spider
  • 14x12 Do AS You Are Bid
  • 14x15 A Change In The Weather
  • 16x04 Incredible Shrinking Barry part 1 (Removed by BBC)
  • 16x05 Incredible Shrinking Barry part 2


  • TheChuckz lost his password and uploaded the full episode of Cafe Chuckles onto lostmyemail321.
  • Another account shut down by the BBC in February 2018.