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The Chuckle Brothers try to sell paintings.


The Chuckles are going house to house, trying to sell paintings. They are unsuccessful until an old woman becomes interested and she invites them in.

She can't choose between the paintings but eventually makes a choice. She then gives them some overalls to wear and she goes to make some tea. Paul hurts his finger when hitting the nail in with the hammer and when he eventually does it, knocks off the plaster on the wall and they hide when she comes back in to check. She then decides that it would be better on the other wall while they had ruined the wall they were working on. Paul then sends Barry down the shop to get some plaster. They need some water for the plaster and he tells the old lady that he is allergic to peppermint and gives Barry the excuse to go and get some water. Paul gets Barry to mix the plaster but he can't open the bag and when he does, it goes all over their faces. The lady returns with their tea and Paul says the white face is the effect of the peppermint, he then gets her to go and change her clothes. They then start to splat the plaster onto the wall and when Paul tells Barry that is enough he splats some onto Paul's face.

Barry then goes to the shop to get a sander but can't hear Paul when he tells Barry what to do and he does it wrong and makes lines on the wall. He then sends Barry to go and get some paint from the shop. Meanwhile the old woman sets off down the shop to get some doughnuts.The paint ends up being the wrong colour and Paul announces that they will have to paint the whole wall now. The old woman returns from the shop with strawberry doughnuts. They need something to reach the top of the wall so they come in the room with a plank and knock everything down in the process. While the lady has a lie down upstairs. They get the plank on two chairs and balance themselves, Barry jumps off the plank to move the chairs and the paint flys off and lands on Paul's head. They manage to get it done and the lady wakes up and she thinks the wall looks a completley different colour. But then she decided that it looked better on the other wall, and the Chuckles look at each other and take off their coats.


  • This is the first appearance of Kate Copstick as the old lady.