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The Chuckle Brothers help No Slacking with his barge in the canal.


The brothers open up a bait shop, Paul goes out to fish in the canal and leaves Barry in charge of the shop while he's gone. Whilst fishing he catches the unwanted attention of No Slacking on his barge. Slacking visits the Chuckle bait and leaves his barge in the hands of Barry as he goes off to see if his barge is insured.

The chuckles go out to find Slacking's barge stuck in the canal leaving the two the get it back in place before he arrives back. Whilst trying to get it back in place Slacking mistakes them for stealing it causing him to chase them through the barge. Slacking breaks down and cries leaving the Chuckles to feel sorry for him. The two explain to No Slacking and make amends and help him get through the canal to make up for it.

Whilst moving the barge it crashes causing Slacking to fall into the little lifeboat tied to it. This angers him again, he chases after the two but the chucks reverse the barge that crashes into his lifeboat. Slacking chases the chucks into the bait shop, the two disgise as underwater divers, but Slacking sees through the disgise and forces the two to row his barge through the canal by paddling.


  • The names "Dave Riley" "Ironbridge" and "Steven Mark" are written on the side of Slacking's barge.
  • Third out of six episodes of Series 7 repeated on CBBC on Choice.



Chip in a Bottle

Paul: What's that when it's at home?

Barry: It's a chip in a bottle like you asked for.

Paul: I said ship in a bottle! That's no good. How many of those did you get?

Barry: I've got a couple of dozen upstairs.

Paul: *sigh* Better put them on display, some idiot might buy them. Barry: I rather fancy one of these myself.

Paul: Exactly.

Paul: He's right behind us and he means business. What do we do?

Barry: *opens till*

Paul: What did you that for?

Barry: You said he means business.