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The Chuckle Caravan
Chuckle caravan
The Caravan Used From Episode 4 to Episode 11.

First Appearance:

Caravan Capers

Last Appearance:

Runners and Riders

The Chuckle Caravan is a mobile home that the Chuckles stayed in throughout series 5.


The Caravan first appeared in "Caravan Capers" when the Chuckles bought it and took it to a caravan park, which ended up being a farmers field.

It next appeared in "Ducks and Grouses" when Barry is having a shower outside and when it is blocking the way of another duck watcher and his car.

It next appeared in "A Lazy Day" when the chuckles were having a lazy day inside the caravan.

It next appeared in "Romany Days" throughout when the chuckles came to and forth the caravan and the fortune tellers cart.

It next appeared in "On The Radio" when the chuckles prepered to go to the radio place.

It next appeared in "Rich For A Day" when Paul and Barry sort through the post.

It's last appearance was in "Runners and Riders" at the beginning when Barry finds a picture of Dan the Van's race horse while hanging the pictures back up.

When the Chuckles bought the caravan it was white but from "Ducks and Grouses" and onward it has red highlights around the outside of it like the roof of the chuckmobile.

It was revealed at the very beginning of "Under Lock and Key" that Paul had sold the caravan to Dan The Van and bought the mill.

The chuckle caravan

The Original Chuckle Caravan used in Episode 1 Only.