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The Chuckle Brothers try to get rid of woodworm in a house.


While Paul and Barry are looking after an Exterminator's company, they receive a call for a worm in a tallboy and head out to investigate. They go to the wrong house and visit a man in his dressing gown, who at first they think has worms and then they head next door. He tells them to keep any noise down so he can get some sleep.

They head next door and look at the tallboy before heading out to get equipment. Meanwhile next door, as the man heads to bed, Paul starts to knock on the wall looking for the worm and the man knocks back.

Paul decides to recruit some help and calls on the McChuckles and they bring their bagpipes to play and they all start to play their instruments, which disturbs the man next door and he comes next door to stop it.

Paul then starts to drill the walls to seek out the woodworm, but once again disturbs the man and he fights back by hitting the drill in. Then he starts to poke the woodworm and pokes the man, and he pokes him back and they both fall back onto their beds.

After consulting his book again, Paul brings in a large frost machine and starts to fill the hole with cold nitrogen, causing the man next door to start freezing.

Then they tell Mrs. Wilson the woodworm has gone and they pack up, but the man comes from next door and confronts them and he tells them he wrote the book that Paul has been using and considers adding Paul and Barry to the book as new pests.

When Barry asks about the worm in the tallboy, he says there is none and breaks it, causing the woman to become very angry and then they quickly leave.

Back at the enterprises, Paul gets Barry to put the coats away and then they spot the Professor and Mrs. Wilson outside, making lots of noise, him using a large drill and she playing the bagpipes.