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Paul builds a rocket ship for Barry to fly into space.


Paul and Barry are working in Paul's Workshop and he puts the wrong chemical in the mixture and blows the workshop up resulting in Paul throwing him out. He goes to watch Television and Paul takes the sofa. He then see's Paul pushing a pole outside and he offers to help along with a ladder but Paul tells him to go away.

Paul then brings him a box and that he has been preparing a suprise for him, it turns out to be a space suit and Paul tells him he is going into space. He gets him to do various tasks and put on the helmet and space suit. Paul then gets Barry to get into the rocket APAULO 1. Barry works out he can't get onto it and they tip it on his side.

Paul get's ready to launch it but it doesn't and he get's down to find out what's wrong. The next day after another attempt it launches but Paul gets attached to it and they both blast off into the air. They land on an apparent weird planet, and Barry gets out and wanders around, and Paul turns up thinking Barry has gone after finding his helmet.

Paul prepares to communicate with alien life, but Barry warns him that they might have two heads, and Paul says not to worry about it. The postman cycles past which they find confusing. They are then chased by bubbles.


  • When Barry is watching television, Postman Pat theme tune can be heard and also is mentioned.
  • Fifth episode from Series 7 repeated on CBBC on Choice.