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The Chuckle Brothers try and set up tents in the country.


Paul and Barry take up the job of tent testers and head out into the country with some tents.

Paul leaves Barry to set up the tents while he does some navigating and has a nap. Paul is not very good at navigating.

They finally find a place to settle down and set up the tents and Barry get's to work on starting a fire. Barry can't find any firewood so he takes the pegs from Paul's tent and it slides off down the hill and crashes at the bottom.

They set off again and find another place and set up their tents it is peaceful until Barry keeps talking and annoying Paul, then a train comes past and an aeroplane flys past and Paul thinks it is time to move on.

They then find another place to stop and while Barry is gone Paul goes into his tent and finds what you would find in a house including, a tv, single bed, bedside table and lamp. He then moves the bed into his tent. When Barry returns and finds all his stuff gone, he asks Paul if he has seen his bed and he denies it, although his tent is the shape of a bed. Now that Paul's tent is collapsed, he askes Barry if he can stay with him in his tent, to which he agrees and Paul tricks him by locking him out of his tent.

He makes use with Paul's tent but then says he noticed and told Paul that they were at the edge of a quarry which after they escaped from was blown up. Paul tells Barry never to play near quarries, then they go home and have a cup of tea, giving up camping.


  • This is the last episode to feature the 1987-1991 theme tune on the opening titles, it was replaced on the next episode.
  • Running Gag: Barry's stomach sometimes starts bubbling, much to Paul's annoyance.
  • When Paul looks into Barry's tent while he is away, a white string is visible in front of the tent, but when Paul starts to pull everything out of his tent, the string is gone.