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The Chuckle Brothers try to find Chalky White, a man who gives whoever identifies him £5.


Paul and Barry see a competition in a newspaper to find a man only known as Chalky White who is hiding at the train station, the two are at the train station looking for him, even though he is oviously a man sitting at a park bench dressed as a clock the two think he's the train anouncer and go into the annoucement room, they are of course kicked out of the train station.

The next day the two look in a china shop when they find a man they think is Chalky because he's wearing a cap, the two annoy him for the prize which makes him drop the china plates he was looking at, the two run out of the shop. The next day they try in the church where a preist and a singer choir is, they mistake the preist as Chalky and they shove angels delight in his face (because the clue mentioned angels delight) and the two get chased by him out of the church.

The two don't reconize Chalky even though he's sitting on the same bench as him, Paul discovers Chalky wears a gold ring on his finger so Paul invents a helmet that can track down golden rings, Barry has had enough and decides to stay where he is on the park bench. Barry finally reconizes Chalky and is rewarded with a fiver, Chalky tells him his job is not what its seems and is quite boring and can't go on his holiday tomorrow so Barry offers to take his place while he's on holiday.

Paul goes mad trying to find Chalky and he ends up dropping a bucket on Barry's head which gets stuck, the same happens to Paul with his helmet and the two end up in the emergency room. They both talk about each other, Barry reconizes but Paul dosen't, Barry tells Paul chalky's going to scotland and he belives. Paul comes back from scotland and see's the real Chalky getting into a cab to the airport, Paul and Barry chase after him in The ChuckMobile and then the two end up in Mexico on holiday with him. Paul figures out Barry was Chalky White, the two figure its not a loss as they got a holiday in Mexico, sadly everyone there reconizes Barry which annoys Paul.


  • Brain Patton's first appearance.
  • Chalky White is based on Lobby Lud, invented by the Westminster Gazette in the 1930's. Like Chalky, people would win £5 if they spotted him.
  • The Spanish seem to get the same newspaper from England even though in reality they do not, the newspaper is not even translated so how are Spanish people who don't speak English supposed to understand it?