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The Mill
The mill

First Appearance:

Under Lock and Key

Last Appearance:

Monkery Business

The Mill is a building located next to a canal that the Chuckles lived in throughout Series 6 and 7.


The Mill first appeared in "Under Lock and Key" when the Chuckles bought it from Dan The Van and tried to secure it.

The Mill also appeared in "Gala Performance", "Pizza The Action", "Mystery Tour", "The Bells", "Men In White Coats", "Mind Over Marrow", "Headline News", "Time Travellers", "Grand Hotel" and "Record Breakers."

The Mill returned in Series 7 and first appeared in "Spilt Milk", followed by "Not In Our Backyard", "Another Fine Ness", "Power Play", "The Missing Piece", "The Barge", "Final Frontier", "What's Cooking?" and "Monkery Business."

Over the course of the series the Chuckles put up a sign over the entrance to The Mill that read "Chuckle Brothers" and then featured the name of whatever business they were running at the time.


The Mill is located at British Waterways Depot at Hatton in Warwickshire.