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Part 3: The Brothers find out where the Coutess is and must rescue her from Robespierre

The Purple Pimple - part 3 - Escape
15x13 The Purple Pimple Escape

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Written By

John Sayle

Guest Staring

Simon Harvey, Barry Killerby, Tilly Edwards,

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The Purple Pimple - Mutiny

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Storm in a Teashop


Posing as pork pie salesmen the Chuckle Brothers enter Robespierre's house but are caught and imprisoned along with the Countess before all three are released by Sir Percy. They escape to woods where Robespierre and his soldiers catch up with them. However, after a sword battle during which Paul accidentally pins him to a tree, Robespierre admits defeat and considers running a restaurant instead. Sir Percy, the Countess and Barry and Paul all return to England.


  • This episode is considered rare since it wasn't on YouTube till recently because the BBC took it down for copyright along with Kidnap.