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To Me...To You...
To Me... To You... Titles

Presented by

The Chuckle Brothers


25 minutes

No. of episodes

39 (inc. 2 Christmas specials)

Original network


Picture format


Original release

21 June 1996 - 25 December 1998

To Me To You

Paul and Barry on To Me... To You...

To Me... To You... was a TV Game show which was hosted by Paul and Barry Elliott aka The Chuckle Brothers.

The show ran for 3 series between 1996 and 1998 with two Christmas specials.

It took place on a tropical island called Chuckle Island and the main aim of the game was for two teams of kids to push a trolley full of prizes along a game board and reach the finish.

If the sound of the Chuckle Albatrose was heard, the game panel would start to flash to pick a mini game for the team to play.

Some of the games were Chuckle Swamp, Chuckle Chuck (Oh dear, oh dear!) in which they had to chuck five pies at the Chuckles and if they failed would have pies in their faces and the Celebrity challenge where the contestants had to complete a task set by the Celebrity on the show..

The theme tune was simple like ChuckleVision with kids singing "To Me To You"

Episode List[]

Thanks to BBC Genome

Series 1 (1996)[]

# Title/Celebrity guest Original airdate
1 Chris Jarvis 21st June 1996
2 Bodger and Badger 28th June 1996
3 Bobby Davro 5th July 1996
4 Wolf (from Gladiators) 12th July 1996
5 Stuart Miles 19th July 1996
6 Michaela Strachan 26th July 1996
7 Dave Benson Phillips 2nd August 1996
8 Kyran Bracken 9th August 1996
9 John Barrowman 16th August 1996
10 Falcon (from Gladiators) 23rd August 1996
11 Dr Dave (from Newsround) 30th August 1996
12 The Demon Headmaster 6th September 1996
13 Josie D'Arby 13th September 1996

Series 2 (1997)[]

# Celebrity Guest Original airdate
14 Otis the Aardvark 27th June 1997
15 Dominic Wood (Also Known As Dom Of Dick & Dom) 4th July 1997
16 Sarah Vandenburg 11th July 1997
17 Nick Maloney 18th July 1997
18 Kirsten O'Brien 25th July 1997
19 Peter Simon 1st August 1997
20 Vogue (from Gladiators) 7th August 1997

Ellie Bevan ('The Wild House')

15th August 1997
22 Michael Fish (BBC Weather Host) 22nd August 1997
23 Adam Ray (Grange Hill) 29th August 1997
24 Wendy Turner 5th September 1997
25 Mark Speight 12th September 1997
26 Katy Hill From Blue Peter 19th September 1997

Christmas Special (1997)[]

# Celebrity Guest(s) Original airdate
27 Emma Lee, Peter Simon, Richard Bacon and Kirsten O'Brien 23rd December 1997

Series 3 (1998)[]

# Celebrity Guest Original airdate
28 Michaela Strachan 8th April 1998
29 Steps 15th April 1998
30 Mr Blobby 22nd April 1998
31 Tim Downie ('Out of Tune') 29th April 1998
32 Dave Benson Phillips 6th May 1998
33 Kelly Holmes 13th May 1998
34 Richard McCourt (Also Known As Dick Of Dick & Dom) 20th May 1998
35 Jimmy Patton ('No Slacking') 27th May 1998
36 Sally Geoghegan ('Miss Carver' in 'Grange Hill') 3rd June 1998
37 Konnie Huq 1st July 1998
38 Paul Zerdin 8th July 1998

Christmas Special (1998)[]

# Celebrity Guest(s) Original airdate
39 Shauna Lowry ('Animal Hospital' presenter) 25th December 1998