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The Chuckle Brothers try and find treasure at the bottom of the park pond.


Paul and Barry are lying on deckchairs but they didn't go to the beach, instead the park. They start on lunch and read their horoscopes and Paul keeps changing his star sign because they are all bad ones. They then get the idea of searching for treasure. They start to fish but are caught by the park warden and he tells them to stop. But their fishing line was caught and they pull it out and it is revealed to be a silver cup. They go to a museum to see if the cup belongs there, he knocks over a suit of armour and touches a painting which sets the alarm off. Paul finds a cup of the same. They head back to he river and Barry puts the rake in the river and Paul pulls on it but falls in the river. They then get their gear together and scuba dive into the river but they are caught by the warden. They then get their submarine and walk into the river and they caught by the warden again. Paul plans it out and has the idea of draining the pond and they use a bucket and kettle to attempt to get the water out and they try and drain it with a hose into the opposite river, the warden catches them and they spray him with water and they run off.

They use a pick axe and drills to try and get under the ground and they cut a hole in the floor ending up in the warden's office. He finds them, and they show him the cup which ends up being his first ever trophy and he thanks them and makes a cup of tea and he looks for the kettle which Barry threw in the river.


  • At some point there was a higher quality version of this episode on YouTube. The BBC most have swallowed the upload when they were removing episodes since it is no longer available on YouTube.
  • The museum the episode is filmed at is the Warwick Museum.