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Trouble At Mill
Trouble Mill

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Written By

Rory Clark

Guest Starring

Malcolm Terris as Tatlock and Chris Armstrong as Eli

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Part 2: To find the culprit The Chuckle Brothers search the suspects. One of them is Mr. Tatlock who runs a 19th Century Mill with some 19th Century workers.


The Brothers arrive at Tatlock's Factory and enter where the workers laugh at them calling them "Southerners", The Brothers exit the factory and discuss about dealing with Tatlock and goes back in the factory to his office. Tatlock arrives and reprimands Eli for causing all the other workers to stop working and causing the gong to go off. When Tatlock comes back to his office, Barry explains to him about what happened at the party and gets his fingerprints, But Tatlock kicks the brothers out, due to Paul trying to enter the secret room, and threatens to have them arrested if they come back.

The Brothers suspect that the Ruby is in the secret room and they return to the workers and Eli who is a key holder to ask information but they are interested in Barry's stuff. After being told that Tatlock is coming back, The Eli hides the brothers in a box of nails and a barrel of stoch. Tatlock scolds Eli and wants no nonsense from him, and returns to his office where Paul is hiding behind a desk as Tatlock phones someone. Eli and the workers search Barry's stuff and when they heard Barry's hi tech watch go off, they are given the information of where Barry had purchased it from the supermarket. Tatlock comes back to the room and Eli explains briefly of a strange man showing them machines.

After the workers have left the factory, Paul then decides to find out at nighttime. Once Tatlock's asleep, Barry wheels him out without waking him, as Paul manages to enter the secret room only to find that the Ruby isn't in there, but a machine, Paul accidentally starts the machine up and pulls out some parts. Barry accidentally sends Tatlock in the trash can, waking him up. Barry runs to Tatlock's Office to warn Paul, Tatlock arrives and explains that he hasn't got the Runnemede Ruby, but the machine has invented something called "The Clattering Ruby" and he is informed that the workers have left, much to Tatlock's delight who is planning to get rid of them. He starts the machine up to show the brothers, but the machine breaks down leaving Tatlock breaking down in tears. Eli returns to his office and explains to him that they went out to the Supermarket and bought the hi-tech watches that Barry was wearing.


  • Not all of Tatlock's workers were credited.