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The Chuckle Brothers buy a mill and try to install a security system.


Barry finds one day that the caravan is gone, Paul informs him he sold it to Dan The Van now known as Dan The Caravan and has given the two a mill for a replacement. They get to their new home The Mill and Paul sees a future of fax machines, offices, and computers. Barry thinks he's flipped. They want to install a security system and start with a little button that turns on the alarm very loadly, Paul tells Barry to put the only door key in a safe place so he puts it in a safe and locks it.

To test the security system Paul tells Barry to go outside and try to get back inside, he gets back in though an open window easly, Barry shuts Paul's hand in the window causing the alarm to go off again, they can't turn it off so Barry hits the alarm with a sledge hammer, Barry gets Paul's hand out but he ends up getting his own hand stuck instead. Paul decides to put bars on the windows to stop burgler's from getting in, they get cement to stop the bars falling over, Barry gets cement over Paul's comic, Paul does the job instead but gets his foot in a bucket of cement and then Barry ends up breaking the bars of the window.

The two then try putting in security camera's all over the mill, after many failed attempts the two finally get all the camera's up so they give them a test. Barry is watching on the TV's and pulls the wires causing Paul and the he's on to tip over. Paul tests out the camera's and tells Barry to watch him on the screens, without telling Barry he dresses up as a burgler and tries to get in though the windows, Barry thinks he's a real burgler and calls the police. The PC comes round and arrests Paul, Paul knocks on the door for Barry, Barry reconizes him and the PC and tells him off then leaves. The two are proud their security system works, they try to get inside but Barry has left the key in the safe upstairs.


  • First appearance of the Mill.